Dream world-the scene of sleep


I read a book tells about dream.

It mentoions ninety percent of your dreams will make little or no sense whatsoever.
They will seem like nonsense, like a strange language that you don’t understand.
but still, our dreams show us where we are wrong and where we are unadapted.
other word, dreams are messages sent from your subconscious.

I try to translating my dreams literally into photography.

*Taken by pinhole camera.

Photo was published in Museé Magazine.

Museé Magazine Issue No.8 Fantasy. Page 59-60 Emergine Artist XVI,  ANN LAI



-Discussion in silence
-Discussion in silence
The way we are growing up1
-The way we are growing up

The cultivation of hope

Those pasts we left behind
-Those pasts we left behind
The dream World-the scene of sleep



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